Let love out!

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Love is always knocking on our hearts; just look around and see beyond the obvious.

The not so obvious; Fear Guilt Shame and Blame.

First, you must commit to yourself.

Commit to yourself, as profoundly as you can imagine; feel in your heart-mind what this commitment would feel like for your well-being.

Love is the only salve you need to heal all wounds.

The single best choice I have ever made was to commit myself to love, as deeply as possible, as often as possible.

That doesn’t mean I’m always loving.

When I am not, it is a cry for love. I know it because I feel it.

We are bringing love to situations, people, and places, or we are calling for love.

Once you begin to notice where you are heading, you can change the course, and everything else changes.

I know where my commitment is – to love, myself, and others – and this responsibility to myself has changed my life more.

You see, when love is our guiding force, all areas of our lives benefit, because love will always guide us to our most meaningful and spiritually aligned choices (even if we don’t recognize them as such initially).

Like water seeks its own level—Love seeks love.

The energy of love heals.
The energy of love is the magic balm.
The energy of love is your strength.

The more we connect to loves strength, the more deeply we contribute to our healing and that of our surroundings and our world.

Love is miraculous. Why wait for the miracles when we can, instead, love right now. Love.


It is the only way you will understand life’s purpose.

be in harmony with yourself

We have to stop reacting in the same old ways, we have to undo what we have been taught about ourselves because none of it is true.

We must stop abusing ourselves with untruths.

Those downloaded lessons were someone else’s view of the world.

May I recommend a book written by my bestie Julie Kundert Yoga who was in a domestic violence situation. 

Inside this dynamic read is a powerful message of love, peace and the meaning of a true Pheonix, a life that resurrected into a peaceful warrior, and, a self-loving presence. 

Peace be with you, and I hope this helps.



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