With change brings leveling-up!

Stay strong through change lightworkers

Rise up

Keep pushing forward

Time for self reflect

Find your light within

Embrace the healer that you are

You are a peaceful warrior!

You are compassionate!

We need each other more than ever.

This leveling-up is what we came here for 

Now more than ever, our faith within ourselves, our highest beliefs, the cosmic skies, our future are so critical to our vibrational action.

It’s not time to run and hide.

No time drown in emotions.

Do not give up on dreams.

Remember, we bring into our life what we feel deep inside.

Move forward with intention!

It’s okay to be scared, in these uncertain times, to worry but remember who you are.

With change brings a level-up

Grounding brings stability

Happy Body Vibrations - San Antonio, TX

Remember your purpose.

Show compassion to yourself and others.

Release energy that is not serving you– in and around your life often.

Mindset is everything— We can only meet ourselves and others at the mindset we believe ourselves to be. 

Create or join a community of soul sisters and soul brothers for support and guidance.

To manifest, to release others’ emotions, to connect with light when it’s needed so desperately, to keep and have faith, to create the life we all deserve. 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.