Unmasking the EGO

We all know the catchphrase ‘The EGO.’ That it is bad or good, we label it to give it power, meaning, and support. The EGO can make us or break us depending on the mindset we believe ourselves to be.

It can be hard to escape the trickle down effects, affects and infected ways and means of others, including ourselves.

One of the ego’s primary purpose is to create fear. 

I am not trying to give the EGO a total bad wrap, but as many can have a BIG EGO–the EGO is a big deal and deal breaker in life.

Fear has a way of creating checks and balance sheets for some of us. Fearful people can attack life. For instance; if others are afraid of you, life, and other people because of some story they believe in or because you and life are NOT behaving as THEY thought you ‘should’ have done, that can create fear within to keep them safe, this way they think they won’t be afraid, or fear lack of control over shit they have no control over anyway.

Sometimes, you feel bad about yourself and attack yourself with fear, Shame, and guilt, a form of self-punishment.

As a result, we can project an attack on each other, with judgment, guilt, shame, blame, all from the fear factor of trying to control situations that are not controllable in the first place. The attack creates separation. 

Guilt’s essential message implies; I did something wrong. 

However, the Shame and Blame Game says;  I did something wrong but that “I am something wrong.” “I can’t let you see me or know me because you will realize I’m no good, and you’ll reject me.” It’s an underlying thought that says, “I can’t let you see me.”  YADA YADA YADA nothing but stories we tell ourselves to keep ourselves separate from our true nature.

Fear expresses; SEPARATION. You can’t possibly be different from us, and we are uncomfortable; therefore, ‘others’ want you to conform. 

Hence, laying the Guilt, Shame, and fear. 

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Time to let that shit go! 

That SHOULD word. 

Taking the word ‘should’ out of our vocabulary is a great start. Nobody “SHOULD” be doing anything they don’t want to do just because someone else said you ‘SHOULD.’ 

 Once identified, we can become conscious of these shaming thoughts and the toxic energy they bring into our lives and relationships.

There are no “shoulds” in Love.

There are no “shoulds” in life, only the ones people apply to you or themselves.

Guilt says, “You should self-punish.”

‘Shoulds’ are generally ideas we learned from others. 

We took on their rules based on their own “shoulds.”

Ask yourself, “Whose rule is this, and do I still believe in it?

Do I still want to follow it?

Or am I too afraid to disappoint?

Am I too afraid to stand in my truth?”  

JUST DO YOU—And when you do you–you are breaking the chain that binds you to separation. 

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