The Universe is listening!



Energy travels fast and beyond, and our brains are constantly in motion with all kinds of judgments and thoughts about life.

Be careful what you tell yourself, because the Universe is listening and wants to be of service.

Be kind to your mind. Self-talk is a constant, We all hold internal conversations as we go through our days. Making all sorts of discernments about ourselves and others. The littlest mishap and we are beating ourselves up with negative feedback.

When our self-talk is not so kind, because of something we judged about ourselves, we start to question ourselves, then the doubts, fears, and insecurities set in and can become a habit.

It is all about retraining the brain when it comes to how we react to the stimulus throughout the day. Self-talk whether negative or positive has a great impact on your self-confidence which affects your sense of self, which spills over into your relationships with others. Thoughts have a powerful impact on our physical body.

The practice is to learn how to be kinder to ourselves when we are aware that we are beating ourselves up with not so nice talk.

Being mindful is not always easy, we are reactive humans. Most of the time we are running on auto-pilot with our routines, or we worry so much how it will look and proceed on that.

Once you get in the habit of being aware of how you talk to yourself, you will begin to notice a significant change in your entire body. Loving ourselves is the best way to inspire yourself as well as others. Go easy on yourself; the Universe is listening! Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it and then some.

Start each day, telling yourself something positive about you and your day. More than likely the shit will hit the fan while in your new practice. That is just the Universe testing you, seeing if you will be genuine and kind to yourself. I have experienced this many times, the Universe slams me always, as soon as I say, “I will ‘never’ do that again,” “BAM” it shows up to see if I meant what I said.

Be ready to love yourself more, bring on the self-care, think kind thoughts about yourself. Time to rewire the brain. You are worth it!  Dolby Dharma

If you want to change your life, begin by changing your words. Start speaking the words of your dreams, of who you want to become, not the words of fear and failure. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.