“Can we talk?”

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“Can we talk?”

One of the many ways we Honor ourselves is by allowing the natural law of life to flow through us and extend it out to others; Forgiveness!

It is NOT about perfection or getting ALL things right. It is not always saying the right stuff or even thinking positive thoughts.

It is about the humanness that we all are and share.

It’s not pretending shit did not happen or that you were butt hurt over someone or even your own behavior.

It is about ‘UNDERSTANDING’ that we are all operating on our own set of values, beliefs, and ways of being, we go out into the world and mix ourselves up with other people’s energies. The beauty, the pain and the pleasure of life.

The more we know ourselves, the more we understand that everything is not always about us. The more we practice self-inquiry and not taking things so personally. We will envelop a sacred freedom within.

To forgive is not denying, enabling or approving it is allowing our humanness. It is opening to your compassionate heart!

“Forgiveness is something we do for each other.”

Forgiveness is an action, one that takes courage, strength and a strong sense of self to allow for open communication; to listen, not defend and let each BE who they are.

Mantra: Today I will remember that everyone deserves to know! Everyone makes mishaps. Instead of holding a grudge, running away and closing the door, I will open my heart and the lines of communication. I will start with myself!

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.