Love Begins with YOU.

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Love Begins with YOU.

If we practice seeing only love in everything, we start to see ourselves differently. There is a lightness, a compassion that sweeps over you that softens the edges a little more.

It can be a challenging practice sometimes, especially with all the distractions and emotions we carry within, and yet it is one of the most important emotions we came here to master I believe…

No matter how dark the world can seem at times and how unsympathetic some people are, there are also kind, compassionate, loving, open-hearted people who love regardless, who continue to ‘Be Only Love’ anyway.

See only love and begin with yourself. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

See Only Love
The angels gave you this card as a reminder to see yourself, others, and every situation through their eyes. When you focus on love, anything that’s unloving falls away. It’s like turning on a light to diminish the previous darkness. Call upon the angels whenever you need help to elevate your vision to a more loving vantage point. Additional meanings for this card: Look past the personalities and egos of others, and see the angel within them (the angels can help you with this if it seems difficult) β€’ Forgive β€’ Release anger, hurt, or judgments to the angels β€’ Affirm what you desire, instead of what you fear. ❀ Doreen Virtue

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