What are you carrying around?

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What are you carrying around?

We carry around a lot of energetic clutter. We hold onto things that have already passed. We are not always aware of the residual left behind until a trigger shows up.

This is substantial energy accumulation we are carrying around. Not all of it is negative, but nonetheless, it is an ethereal weight that needs to move.

The more awareness we come into about who we are and how we hold space within ourselves in the world our energy becomes more free flowing allowing a clean energy flow to exchange, to cleanse and remove and lighten our load.

The next time you take a shower, go for a walk, swim, etc. become aware of the letting go, flushing all the energy out making space for the healing, radiant energy to energize your being. It is tuning in and releasing. Make up your own ritual, even if it is a simple as saying first thing in the AM; “I let go of any energy in my body that weighs me down, and I am making space for the new.”

Everything passes through us when we are in awareness. LIghten up…Brighten up…It is good for the whole body!
Think of a color burst being released, open up your backpack and let it go.

Mantra: I free myself by acknowledging what is there.
I may not be able to name it, but I can claim it and release all that weighs me down in love.

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