No Magic Formula Just today!

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No Magic Formula Just today!

The New Year is approaching quickly and no doubt most of us are thinking about a fresh start. The truth is we don’t need the New Year to gain that start, but for some, it is a starting point; Until the New Year comes I will continue to do this. Sounds familiar I am sure.
We all have our ‘way’ of how we do ‘it.’

Personally, I am not a big fan of the New Years Resolution gig. Every day, I start over, but for some, it has significant meaning and gives them hope for better things, situations, and people to come into their lives.

Practice before the New Year and resolve each morning you rise to do something you keep putting off…UNTIL?

The power of the word ‘UNTIL’ is a BIG anchor in a lot of peoples lives. Anchors are excuses to keep us from doing something NOW.

Look at all the meanings;

Until (conjunction); Up to the time that (a condition becomes true).

Until (conjunction); Before (a condition becoming true).

Until (preposition); Up to the time of (something happening).

Until (preposition); Before (a time).


No wonder UNTIL is powerful, it is the best wait/weight game in town.

Time to give ‘UNTIL’ a rest and start today making your dreams and wishes come true. Not to mention there is nothing more powerful than believing in yourself. The power of NOW. No time like the present. 

Today is the time to do whatever you are waiting to do. No need to wait ‘UNTIL’ the end of time. That’s another story!

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