BE gentler, kinder and more loving towards yourself…

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BE gentler, kinder and more loving towards yourself

It’s all about staying in alignment with who you really are; a pure Divine Loving presence. Who deserves your own love.

We can all find ways to beat ourselves up throughout the day, but let’s change that up and replace that mental abuse with loving kindness towards ourselves even when we feel we messed up or we are just messed up.

The practice is to say nice things to ourselves, so they become familiar and accepted as part of our daily life; in my experience, it’s one of the best acts of kindness we can do for ourselves.

There is a chemical reaction that happens within that enhances those good feelings about ourselves that nobody can give us but us.
This practice takes on a momentum within the self and then becomes a part of us just as breathing is.

It is wise to start making sure that you’re a good companion to yourself. We all heard the expression; Be your own BFF no truer words.

Taking care of yourself is the opposite of being selfish. In fact, it’s being responsible. Give yourself the BIG inner hug, and smile.

Life is made up of opposites; we can be strong, and we can be fragile. Sometimes we get it spot on and others not so much.
Bottom line; Accept yourself as you are. Come as you are and invite others to do the same.


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