Self-Discovery through our relationships.
Deepak Chopra says in; The Path to Love, “When you truly find love, you find yourself.” We are all in some kind of relationship, i.e., married, best friends, our jobs, etc. Some of these relationships can and are difficult at times, no question. The time a connection is going south is the perfect opportunity to use that moment as a tool to turn inward and see what we need to explore more in-depth, no matter who or what caused the disturbance.
That opportunity is a chance to become aware to see what that relationship is offering, most likely it will offer yourself back to you.
When we make commitments to our lives, we commit to being in relationships, we engage in this unspoken quest to help each other reveal each other to ourselves. The only thing that will and can destroy that golden opportunity is fear; that fear can cause us to run away from ourselves, although we think we are running from the other.
Fear is definitely a dark, ominous word and can conjure up all kinds of thoughts and feelings when we feel it and hear it, but it is the unwrapped gift, an opportunity, a moment to be brave, courageous, and explore the deepest parts of ourselves. It is an opportunity to be attentive to our feelings, to practice defenseless and be vulnerable at the same time. That is where we find out who we are. Rumi, the great poet, says; “Your darkness is your candle, your boundaries are your quest.”
We are continuously transforming in each moment, with each thought, decision, and action. When we come up against our edge in our relationships, that is the perfect opportunity, to take that challenge and turn it into YOUR light within. Our relationships transform us in so many ways even if we think they are not. Our pain is an invitation to self-discovery, bliss and a move back to ourselves. This is what is called a ‘Peaceful Warrior’.
Each day say to yourself; My insight comes like lightning… and I am open.
Feeling the fear can be a sign that something really big and amazing is about to happen to expand you outside your comfort zone. The unknown is where the magic happens. ~Fawni Ruhf

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.