Illumination within.


Scorpio Full Moon- bringer of the light

When it comes down to relationships, it boils down to the one we have with ourselves. Afterall, there is no breaking up on a literal term with ourselves, but we can shed old ways, habits, extended relationships, etc. Even if we want to leave, we couldn’t; we are the shadow, the sun and the Divine in this life.

This full moon is for enlightening our soul purpose it will bring about and awaken the most in-depth reptiles within, the emotions, the wounds, and the beliefs that we are wrestling with, our shadow self calls us out by the light of the full moon.

You are the only one who can consciously commit to your inner-alignment about who you are; because what you commit too lands you right where you are in your life.

It brings people, places, and things forward. It is the golden opportunity for your expansion to the next level. This full moon moment is the time to check your inventory, with this full moon there is illumination, a chance to see, feel and listen, don’t turn away from these shadows but hold out the ‘Welcome Sign’ for there is much to learn from the reptiles within. Remember; Everything that lives within us is holy, sacred and by divine design.  The energy is always seeking balance baby!

“I am the most powerful tool in my life, and I will use me wisely.”

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.