Authentic Self

First, let’s get this out of the way; We are BADASS make no mistake.

It takes much courage not to wear a mask; masks can be tempting because we are seekers of many things, especially other peoples approval of us. We can say;  “we don’t care,” but the truth is we do care.

The fastest way and only we know the truth is first to ask ourselves “who AM I,” oh we will define ourselves by all the external circumstances, our abilities, our friends, family, religious beliefs and our achievements. But is that who we are?  Maybe, maybe that is the way we choose to live and define ourselves, only we know that truth.

Wearing masks and putting on a persona can be tiresome and can leave us empty, hungry and thirsty, it can cast a shade over us.  Why is it so hard for us to be ourselves entirely? What are we afraid will happen if we don’t go along and have a mind of our own?  The more we live on the surface of our identity, the less we are in touch with our deeper self. It can be challenging to listen to our Authentic self rather than to the ego when they don’t agree, and we have all experienced that opposite chatter when we are faced with a decision that will take us closer or farther away from our Divine being.

This is the short of it; To live from a deep place of our authentic self that will involve having faith and being deeply grounded in our most profound faith of who we are and if we don’t know who we are, then what we hope for ourselves. It will require us to be faithful to our thoughts, our word, and our actions. As a result, this can and will create sacrifices in our lives; it will mean giving up relationships, circumstances that desecrate our most profound knowledge of who we are or who we aspire to know deep within the soul. Know that there is endless support of energy that listens and relays to the universe who adores us.

We are likened to a beautiful rose pedal, and as the pedal expires, it takes away a layer to reveal the deepest part of the rosebud.

“When we beat ourselves up for having bent our petal, or for our edges not being as smooth as the petal next to us, we are devaluing the beauty and perfection that lies beyond ourselves. I don’t think God cares so much about the marks on us nearly as much as we do- because he sees the whole rose, and knows if the petals were all perfect, the rose would not be so beautiful, not so perfect as a finished masterpiece. It’s the differences and so-called flaws that create the beauty.” Bent Pedals

Each day as I unveil my authentic self as I open my mind like the petals of a flower, revealing my true nature a beautiful centerpiece of Divine creation. Dolby Dharma


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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.