Which decade do you live in?

“If you are depressed,
You are living in the past.
If you are anxious,
You are living in the future.
If you are at peace,
You are living in the present.”

No matter how good our intentions, the past will persist in intruding, and torment some of us with past mistakes, wrong decisions, etc. And…if the past doesn’t take us down the future will kick-in with wondering if, worrying if, things will work out.

A slew of what-ifs will take over causing us to judge ourselves about the possible outcomes.

Past; it takes us out of the now, reminiscing about people, places and things we can do nothing about anymore; what has been, what could have been, what you thought happened vs. what actually did happen. While there is nothing wrong with a stroll down memory lane, it is when it keeps us feeling bad, wishing we were there again, tainting our present situations based on a comparison of what WAS and no longer is. This mind chatter allows the past to marinate and rob us of the NOW.  All this can cause, depression, self-sabotage, and a host of other feelings that are not of service to ‘what is.

Wishin, hoping for things to return is a WASTE OF TIME.

Future; is a total crapshoot; hopefully, it will all work out as planned, but in reality, it won’t. The future is also a thief. Robs us of the NOW.

The now is a pretty important part of our sanity and our well-being. If we could practice living in the NOW, it most likely would positively change a lot of things; to our body, mind, and spirit. But some would say, there is no reward in that.

Present; I can do something about, I can live in peace, I can accept the NOW, the ‘what is’, and I can breathe a sigh of relief because there is nothing to do but feel the joy, feel our body and open our heart to the sight, and sound of our breath. Living in the moment means doing, feeling and seeing what’s right in front of you, experience everything, all of it, and once you experience it, then you let it pass. Don’t try to quiet the mind, we are not our thoughts, allow them to move, breathe baby, your alive, your breath is YOUR life force.

“Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.” – Buddha

Resentment is a terrible thing to have on your conscious. People can live their whole lives with the regret of doing or not doing something. Resentment leads to a life filled with regret, sorrow, and grief, which makes finding peace even more difficult.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.