The mundane day is where the magic is born!

magic happens

When I think of the word ‘ordinary’ ‘mundane,’ it sounds ‘boring.’  The truth about mundane and boring is that it’s all made up in the mind, EVERYTHING we are in life’s dream we have created in the mind.

We have spun the web of deception about the lives we are living in. We don’t want to be living in the moment, and being with things as they are. We are always searching out a life other than the one we have.

We don’t want to see things as they are but as we wish them to be; more exciting, more challenging, etc. AND, why would we not, BUT we miss out on what is happening now because our minds are in; what can be, what we can have, and what we are not doing.  AND we don’t know we are doing it. Forgive yourself.

If we allow the ‘no/thingness’ to shine, we can feel, see, and experience a type of magical explosion, that holds more internal revelations about what is tangible; PEACE,  PURE LOVE, and our NEXT BREATH. ALL, by the way, are the vitality to our existence.

What’s ” magic,”? There are many definitions for the word magic, but the one that comes to mind for me is “to experience a kind enchantment with what is NOT happening.”

There is so much happening in the ‘NOT happening’ moments of our lives. But with all the external stimuli, it gets buried and forgotten because we are chasing the thrill, the adrenal of excitement.

There is magic in every situation, you know why? YOU are the magic, you are the wand, and, you are the creator, and if you believe in that kind of magic you have just ignited your ‘internal magnet,’ and like a tornado spinning, you will begin to experience all sorts of magical moments coming into your vortex.

Where in your life, can you make these shifts? Are you inviting in and opening yourself up to receiving Miracles? When we stand in our authenticity, living our individual and collective truths, we vibrate at our authentic, unique energy signatures. And when we are resonating at our home frequencies—which is Pure Love—we align with the invisible force field of positive energy surrounding us at all times. In other words, we align with the natural frequencies of the Universe and can step into a different time-space reality—outside of linear time and into non-ordinary, non-linear time—a place where miracles are commonplace, and magic is real. Believe in Miracles. You are entitled to them. They are your birthright. And they are real.  ACIM


 Don’t miss the magic in your life, see yourself in all things.

An ordinary day can become extraordinary when we truly see the power of an ordinary day.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.