The Scentious YOU!

You are an Essential Being.

Loving yourself is like an extraordinary essential oil, a blend of beautiful notes that harmonize the body. The bouquet of life!

image.png Air; action, ideas, and motion, the winds of change.

image.png  Fire; passionate, dynamic, and temperamental.

image.png Water; Intuitive, emotional, and ultra-sensitive, mysterious as the ocean itself.

Image result for earth symbol element   Earth, rooted, loyal, stable, and brings us down to earth, a solid foundation.

These elements are as fundamental to this planet as it is to your being.

Everything in the Universe which exists is composed of one or more of these energies, and so are we.



“Your body is a breathtaking bouquet of the finest, exotic element essence”Dolby Dharma

The Elixir of life is wrapped up inside each of us. We are the answer to our prayers.

The headnotes; These are the air qualities that connect you to the infinite Universe; the seeker, the awareness, a ‘Re-membering,’ the quest, the wind, thoughts, and the I AM.

I am the Universe; the Universe is me, together we are one. The heart map of it all. I AM Love.

The centers’ notes; These are the embers; fire, heat, passion, courage, desire, the thrill, your creativity, and your lust for life.

That fireball that connects you, this is where all the excitement is swirling around. I Am Unstoppable.

The watery notes; your fluidity in life, emotions, healing, dreams, intuition, I am changeable.

The grounded notes; this is your foundation; the earth, your roots, family, connections, your harvest, your strength. I am Powerful.

I AM the Earth, the Wind, the Fire, and the Air.

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh if we can only come to our senses and feel it. ~Elizabeth A. Behnke


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