Dear Fear

Dear fear, I am writing to thank you and break-up with you. Thank you for what you have shown me about myself in the most profound ways that could not be seen without your guidance.

I am breaking up with you because it is time for me to move on. You taught me well. I think I can manage now.

My fear resided in your dark pool of old memories that I had forgotten but disguised as reality situations meant to keep me your prisoner. You were good at that, but I was a much better detective than you thought I would be. Sorry about that!

Because of you, my mind would spin protective webs, old storylines about things that were not real, trying to cripple me and keep me from moving forward, trying new things, and being fully alive.

But in spite of you, it was the greatest lesson(s) for me to expand my awareness into what is real, and that is; no boogie man is coming to get me.

My conclusion; I’s all just an illusion; so, I looked under the bed.

Only when you kept putting fearful situations, people, and things in my life that I started to notice something was not right, and then as luck or grace would have it, I was able to begin waking-up to the crippling effects it had on my life.

My beautiful fear dictator, you wanted to keep me locked up because you knew that if I knew or recognized this EGO based fright, that I would be able to free myself from you and handle anything that comes my way.

But what you did not realize or see coming; is that change and growth cannot be killed off because you said, “FUCKING BOO.”

I understand you wanted me to keep you company, and for that I am flattered, I love you, but gotta go live my best life.

But, you, my friend, have only a limited capacity to see who I really am, a foundation for inner-peace — the essence of pure unexplainable obscure crazy love. I never alter or change because of anyone or anything, and that includes you.

I am surrounded by love, peace, and harmony. I am in perfect balance.

Again, I am thanking you for wanting to protect me, but you are no longer in the driver seat of my life. So, relax, big boy, and sit back and watch me raise my vibration to places you could only dream of.

FYI; Remember Mr. Fear, love cannot be destroyed, only transformed.  Its meaning lies in oneness.

All my love and gratitude, Me


  • You’re not scared of the dark. You’re scared of what’s in it.
  • You’re not afraid of heights. You’re afraid of falling.
  • You’re not afraid of the people around you. You’re just afraid of rejection.
  • You’re not afraid to love. You’re just afraid of not being loved back.
  • You’re not afraid to let go. You’re just afraid to accept the reality that she’s gone.
  • You’re not afraid to try again. You’re just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.
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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

2 thoughts on “Dear Fear

  1. Thank you, I thought so as well. I wrote it one night when I was home alone. It has always been hard for me to be alone at night. I grew up the oldest of nine and I have never lived alone. Always surrounded by people. During the day, no problem. The nights are creepy. So I wrote a letter and slept well. Thanks for reading.


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