“Smokin the peace-pipe of life”

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We close our eyes at night, hoping to find peace from the day.

Life is continuous, whether we are awake or asleep, asleep or awake, and most of the time, we are asleep while we are awake. 😜

Life is but a dream, and sometimes dreams are absolutely inspiring, peaceful, and others a fucking nightmare.

Have you ever woken up hungover from a dream–the kind that you just can’t seem to shake, you play parts of it over and over trying to make sense of it. Where is the peace in all of that?

In the waking hours, the same pretty much happens too. We are running around with stories in our heads.

We try to make sense of the shit that happens when we hit the pillow and drift off to God knows where. The same thing happens to us throughout the day, we are dreaming while we are awake, or, are awaken and just dreamin.😂

If you are lucky, you were blessed to have an unordinary twenty-four hours without much to do but bask in the glow of equanimity. Wonderful.

When faced with challenging situations this is an opportunity to take a step back or take a deep breath, and pausing at the top of the inhale; that action can bring stability, and rescue us from overreacting or overthinking things, which seems to be the way these days, and gets in the way of our peace of mind.

To be at peace doesn’t mean letting it go, no it is the exact opposite. 

Being at peace is accepting what is, not reacting, which is a direct act of war because somebody or something will rise up to meet you where you are–-talk about a nightmare. 

If we can remember that when we ‘act out’, or someone else ‘acts out’, that is a direct reflection of what’s going on internally, we are each other’s reflections, we are each other’s vibrational match. Even when we think we are not, we are.

The best we can do is not get caught up in the drama.

We can choose to experience peace, bring love, acceptance, and a calming spirit to any or all situations.

Whatever it is, make sure you stay in a space that doesn’t keep you depleted way after something is over. Receive the lessons and move on with grace.

Next time you feel wronged, or you know you have wronged another–surrender to ‘that’ and ‘notice’ what just happened. That’s all.

We are all going to do what we want, and most of us do. Funny how we can get in the way.

We are all going to make choices that are rooted in how we feel about ourselves. As the saying goes, it is never about the actual aggression, and most of the time, it has NOTHING to do with any of us.

But we can make it so by reacting and declaring war; justifying, defending, and objectifying the situation. You know making it about us.

That takes too much energy, and we all know how much effort it takes to change our selves.

However, the moment you change the focus back on yourself and the things you want, something magical happens. Bitmoji Image

Peace is real, and only a thought away.

Surrender to the universe and allow yourself to be guided to your soul’s purpose.

When we decide not to react to people, we choose opportunity as a teaching moment because the truth is, “we teach people how to treat us.”

Every moment is the perfect opportunity to decide how we want to feel how we want to behave. It is a conscious decision to bring love to the party, or we are acting out and calling for love—Remember there is nothing to call–We are love!

We decide how we want to feel; so rather than becoming a ‘button’ for people to push or being the pusher.  Let our hearts remain open to the endless possibilities that this life is offering.  Peace

Nobody has power over you unless you hand it over.


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