All things in our universe are constantly in motion.

It is all about vibrations, but it’s also about the type of vibrations and, most importantly, about shared vibrations.

What channel are we tunning into–who and what are we dialed into?

Most of us know the power of words; we also know energy is real and is driven by vibrational frequencies.

We also are aware that energy cannot be destroyed only transformed.

Our thoughts, our words, our physical presence is always communicating something, and we are always receiving that transmission.

So very refreshing to know how powerful we are, but scary as shit when you know your thoughts are in an emotional vortex.



Let’s turn fear into love.

Raising our vibration can be challenging at times; But it is doable if we want a different story in our lives.

Our minds are currently; IMPRISONED with INACCURATE, UNHELPFUL programming, and conditioning that runs us like robots from which we need to be liberated from.

The mind is an influencial trickster, and the only way to understand or get a handle on our thoughts, is to ‘NOTICE’ them first, do not push them aside or believe they are authentic.

Noticing our thoughts allows us to change them up, which can improve our feelings, and restructure the neuro pathways in our brains. 

Noticing is ‘ALLOWING,’ it is not about getting rid of our thoughts. 
It is about ‘EMBRACING’ whatever arises without giving it the energy to grow into anything other than what it is; Thoughts.
It is in the ‘RESISTANCE’ that creates the steam to give those thoughts power. 

I love this excerpt below by Rob Brezsny
“I’m imagining the possibility of helping to establish a tradition of uplifting gossip, full of praise and gratitude.

What about, if instead of naming the shadowy aspects of our friends and acquaintances behind their backs, we identified, celebrated, and propitiated their divine glory and shining wonder?

How about we change up the channel to what we want instead of what we don’t want and see what changes in our lives.

Vow: “I name the most beautiful truths about everyone I meet. I extol and congratulate you. Cherish and cultivate. Quicken and animate.”

frequency shift

“Everything is energy, and that is all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics”- Albert Einstein


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