I am the other you!


In La’Kesh, you are my other me!   

Just as there are places on our body that dissatisfy us when we look at ourselves in the mirror, there are aspects of our personality that we do not accept as well. These aspects are suppressed by our subconscious. However, we can’t escape what we don’t want to see because we see it reflected back to us in others. 

We continuously project a part of ourselves out and onto others.

If we are willing, this reflection is an invitation to notice our attitudes and ask ourselves: “Why am I experiencing in this situation with this person, and what is it about the other that is trippin me up within me?” Because we are generally unable to see our own shadows and even virtues, relationships are our mirrors.

Life endows us the gift of relationships, so we can experience ourselves indirectly or directly; to show us what is within us.

The other person in the relationship simply serves us as a mirror: we reflect ourselves and thereby are given the opportunity to recognize ourselves. If we are willing to look.

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 Straightforward and a reverse projection.

Let’s imagine that you can’t stand the selfishness of your partner or friend. Straightforwardly, you may project that part of yourself that is selfish and that you reject from yourself, but clearly see it in the other. 

What I don’t like about you, I correct myself.

Maybe you think your family, friends, boss are very demanding and asking too much of you. Or perhaps you are very demanding about yourself, and your family, friends, and boss are nothing more than a reflection of this demanding behavior that you impose on yourself. Maybe this behavior is a cry for love, and you need to shake shit up to understand what it is you are demanding about yourself.

Emotional wounds

We don’t heal a wound by covering it up. When we hurt ourselves, we express our pain, and when we ultimately calmed down; we lick the wound and work on healing it the best we know-how. We can cover the hurt up,  but it won’t be forgotten just stored away waiting for something or someone else to bump it and ‘BAM’ the injury is opened again.

Emotional wounds are all our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions that have arisen in us as a result of various painful moments in our lives that we have not yet overcome and accepted, or recognized.

We have become prisoners of our emotions and imprisoned ourselves in this fictional prison with our thoughts, perceptions, and judgments.

Once we feel good again, and we have transformed these feelings and possibly gained insight, this wisdom can serve as a healing salve, an opportunity for growth and understanding without blame and shame.

Wounds as a reflection

As soon as we ‘think’ we have handled our wounded selves, it becomes a part of our subconscious and influences our thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

If we felt and most of us did, any lack of love, in our childhood,  it will become apparent and play itself out in our relationships with ourselves and others. Again, unless we see it for what it is, and not what it isn’t, we won’t be able to heal that wound.

We attract what we lack, and we will find people who are very similar to our wounded selves and contrasty our happy ass selves…  This is the law of attraction. 

If two people who have suffered greatly because of the lack of love growing up, they meet up, feel this euphoric love and discover that love does not mean suffering, love can feel amazing, they form a bond at the beginning of mutual feelings. As a result, the couple just put a bandage on their wounds. Both are the reflection of the other.

What can be united can be separated by the same injury that brought them together.

If both people do not heal or know their wounds, they will sooner or later destroy the relationship. The packed suitcase opens up; Uncertainty, fears, jealousy, or possessive behavior come to light. Each partner holds up the reflective mirror to shows us the ways we must grow to heal. But we first need to recognize that we are each other and not seeing the relationship with the inward eye being blind.

If we are not willing to see for what they are, blame, shame, and unconscious guilt as qualities within us that are unhealed. And continue to see it has the issue of the other, we lose out on the opportunity to see what those qualities might be revealing about ourselves; as a result, we just add more suffering to the wound, and our relationships become more fragile.

Our relationships are the key to what is locked within the unconscious within each of us.

If we are willing, to entertain the idea that what our emotions are trying to tell us,  we can understand that what we are seeing in another is just a direct reflection of what we are putting onto another, and they are feeding it back to us.

We all are carrying around a packed suitcase of wounds that needs to be unpacked by somebody.

Allow your intuition to point the way. Trust the feeling of oneness, for It is the oneness that you find you are not alone.


The Mirror Theory: The Way to Inner Peace, Resolution, and Transformation by [Thompson, Betsy Otter]
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If you look into the mirror, what do you see? Yourself?

No. A reflection of yourself. What if all the people in your life are emotional reflections of yourself? Would you see them differently?

In Betsy Otter Thompson’s The Mirror Theory, a mysterious stranger shows up at a critical time in her life, to tell her the stories of the Holy Spirit’ family members.

Through these stories, you will see how one of the greatest masters who ever lived learned from the reflection of those around him, and they learned from him.

Each family member takes on a central characteristic: envy, blame, humility, anger, jealousy, etc. What emerges is a method for personal growth and improving relationships by accepting responsibility for one’s own life and creation.

We are either drawn to or repelled by the people who reflect the things we like or dislike about ourselves. Just as if we’re looking into a mirror that reflects back our innermost emotions and beliefs.

This fascinating book is not only a chronicle of the Holy Spirit’s life but a spiritual journey into your own heart, whether or not you believe he had brothers or sisters.

Here is a proven program for taking back your personal power. There are questions and exercises for using The Mirror Theory to help you apply the lessons taught in the book. Never has the message, “Love one another,” been so clearly explained.


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