I am another, YOU, and I like it that way!

We are a reflection of the people we spend our lives with. I know you are thinking, “No, I am not,” especially the hard, unlikeable, unlovable, annoying as fuck ones. How can I possibly be reflecting that shit?

Throughout life, it was just easier to alienate people I did not care for.

I wasn’t aware of the gift those annoying souls were to my growth. I just knew I had to get the fuck out. It wasn’t that I felt good about ghosting, but it was the only way to protect myself from what I perceived as an attack.

Over the years, in my struggle, my search for self-love. I began to value and understand myself a bit better, which in turn brought some of the alienated back, and a new tribe into my life, but surely not without its imperfections, conflicts, and resolutions.

With every bump, I got stronger, wiser, and gained a pearl of deeper wisdom that was communicated first, before showing them or myself to the door.

The mere thought, that you attract exactly where you meet yourself was a bit unnerving until I realized that they were simply reflecting me my projections, and my perceptions of them. Kind of like showing up in an invisible bodysuit.

But with time and more opportunities to explore my thoughts, my mind, which was the cause of all my suffering, I was able to begin to ask myself an inquiring question—“Is this about me? or “is this about them?” and most likely there is a ‘US’ in there because MOST of the time it takes two to tango.

Either way, we are either calling for love or bringing love to the party.

Now I look around my table, and although there might be a setting that is off, it is my opportunity to check myself and decide what I will be serving.

So far, the menu has been inspiring, delicious, and the perfect opportunity to be a loving presence of unity, love, and wholeness.

The smoother I roll, the better I feel, allows me to see myself in what shows up for me.

A little inspirational story!

I have a friend who threw me a surprise party last year. BTW I had NO idea that her invitation to come over to her home was about me, or for me, as I was throwing myself a party the following weekend. So, who would think someone would throw me a party the week before? Certainly not me.

The hook.

The way she lured me over was brilliant. She said she was going to the airport to pick up this fantastic Guru and she wanted me to meet her.

I felt honored that she wanted me to come over and meet a friend she has not seen in a while, and her esteemed Guru, at that.

I arrive at my GFs home; she was pretty dressed up looking amazingly gorgeous as usual, so it did not trip me up too bad that she was decked out.

I did not see anyone yet; the way her home is set-up, you would have to go deeper in to see anyone. A few more steps in, I met by some pretty amazing women who are a big part of my tribe.

I was stunned, shocked, and so overwhelmed with generous adoration, and a screaming “surprise”.

My friend said, “I told you–YOU were going to meet an extraordinary Guru”. She was referring to me; My reply, “Yes, I have just met myself.” In all of the other amazing ladies. We are always meeting ourselves.

It is true, we are always meeting ourselves even if we don’t like the ‘Guru’ in front of us.

As I started to shed old ideas and beliefs and began to value myself more, so did the people in my tribe change.

However, like negative thoughts, negative people can slip into our lives, and it’s our responsibility to ‘pay attention to the ‘whispers’ and act accordingly.

It may seem that it never lets up. No matter how much we’re in alignment and value ourselves; negative people and experiences creep into our life.

Those moments are the perfect opportunity to bring love as the horderve to the party.

We are all teachers and students vacillating like the breath.

Whether you know it or believe it.  In La’Kesh, I am another you!   🥰


We can all discover something about ourselves from each other, and when we finally realize that we are the ONEness, we have been waiting for, we will know the truth of who we really are.

Not everyone needs to show up polished to perfection, as we are all perfect just the way we are.

At the end of the day—when we are seated at the table, serve up yourself, and wait for dessert.

              Join             Self image.png Love 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.