Authority of Priority

 Inner peace is the priority <

When faced with challenging situations that test patience, sometimes just taking a step back, noticing what is happening around us, and within our minds, we can remember how important inner stability can save us from overreacting and overthinking things.

It is that moment of ‘Noticing’ that can bring about change, relief, peace.

We act out sometimes– most of the time.

Life brings us opportunities that cause us to respond.

That momentary response/reaction is not a direct reflection of who we are, but a representation of where we are at that moment.

If we ‘Notice,’ we can stave off getting caught up in the drama of the moment.

The best we can do is not get caught up in dramatic appearances by reacting to it.

Choose to grow from it, so you become better and attract better.

It’s all just a learning experience.

The best we can do is be a thoughtful, loving presence, and we will know that when their actions DO NOT TRIGGER US!

“I am bringing love to the situation with understanding and compassion. The best reply is acceptance and silence–no response.”

Whatever it is, make sure you stay in a space that doesn’t keep you depleted way after something is over.

Receive the lessons and move on with grace.

Next time you feel wronged, just let go, surrender.

Surrender in grace and gratitude!

Remember that wrong is NOT your story—or IS IT??

Notice when and if you get angry. fearful, or sad and depressed because something didn’t work out like you thought it would or things didn’t go as planned, or somebody didn’t live up to your expectations.

People will always do what they want, and it’s not your place to suffer or try to force them to be how you want them to be. That takes too much energy, and we all know how much effort intakes even to change ourselves.

However, the moment you change the focus back on yourself and the things you desire, something magical happens.

Surrendering and allowing, instead of resistance and fearfulness draws you towards what it is that you want, not always in the way you imagined it, but better. Surrender to the universe and allow yourself to be guided to your soul’s purpose.

When you decide not to react to people’s personal expressions, you choose you in YOUR life. You decide how you want to feel, rather than becoming a button for people to push. Don’t ever let anyone close your heart and mind to the endless possibilities that life has to offer you.

Nobody has power over you unless you give it away.

A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume: Foundation For Inner Peace ...
A Course in Miracles is a 1976 book by Helen Schucman. It is a curriculum for those seeking to achieve spiritual transformation. The underlying premise is that the greatest “miracle” is the act of simply gaining a full “awareness of love’s presence” in one’s own life. Wikipedia
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