Regrets But None

Often, most of us recapitulate the past repeatedly, regretting what we did or did not do.

I do not regret most mistakes; there were many along the way. 

I have had many conversations with myself and friends about the past, the things I did not that were not so great, and the many good things that have brought me to this moment. All in all, it is what it is, nothing more for me. 

I consider myself lucky, fortunate, blessed, whatever you want to say regarding the journey. Still, regret is not one emotional thought I bring to my table, at least not a hard regret that wracks havoc on my life. 

I regretted some of them for a very long time until the trigger showed up. The trigger pointed out that it is only a thought, and every time you think of any thought, it affects you all over again. That is the moment you can decide to pull the trigger or leave it.

We can never tell if any version of our past would have been better or worse off; we know they happened. 

The one thing we can do for ourselves is to notice our thoughts; I like to say, give them a seat at the mind table; after all, when those thoughts keep knocking on the mind’s door, they want to be heard, acknowledged for what they were, nothing more. But when we push them away and label those thoughts good or bad, we muster up an emotional rush either way. You decide!

The good news is we can change our minds about those thoughts, let them be what they are, without judging them, and bring peace into our lives without regrets but knowing it all happened because it happened and nothing more. 

As the decision-maker of your life, you can notice that you are making it real when you go down the rabbit hole of regret. We know it is not happening anymore but only happening by the thoughts we are thinking. 

Happy, positive emotional thoughts and memories can bring a smile, make you laugh, and fill you with life-giving healing endorphins.

In contrast, negative emotional thoughts recreate what you regret, make you feel bad, become depressed, and maybe feel sorry for yourself, releasing destructive chemicals in your body. 

These regrets are like drinking poison; the regretful thoughts will rack havoc on your cells and health. 

Every time you regretted something from the past, you made the same mistake all over again, bringing it to the present and giving it life. 

If you regret things, the best thing you can do is bring them before your mind’s eye and Revise them–turn the mistake into an opportunity for growth that brought you to this moment. The lesson learned.

Remember that regret is only a thought, not absolute, unless you want it to be. 

We have the Power to Revise anything we ever did because all past events came from our interpretation or perception of what we think we did or did not do. 

Our perception lives only in our minds, and we can Revise anything there in that space just by noticing the thoughts. 

Byron Katie says: Who would you be without that thought or story? It’s true; ponder that for a minute. 

Peace always rests in the present moment, and we have absolute control over what we want to feel in the present moment; when you change your regrets to reasons to rejoice, you cleanse yourself of all the poison and give your body the endorphins it needs to heal from all past regrets and in so doing allow the vitality, wholeness, and beauty of pure awareness to flow through your body, mind, and Spirit without resistance. 

Invite opportunities to bring peace of mind. 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.