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The ego is a state of insanity in which what is true and false are completely confused with each other. 

In ego, we have conditional love. We believe that some things are just downright evil, guilty, bad, and wrong. We categorize the world into a hierarchy and decide certain things, like murder, war, sickness, etc., are all hell. 

In contrast, other things like sunsets and rainbows are lovable.

On the other hand, unconditional love is when one loves ALL the time, regardless. It sees innocence and harmlessness everywhere. 

This means it continues feeling love even in the face of evil and war, attack and murder and death. It keeps smiling regardless. It even finds something beautiful to see in it.

The ego will have a reaction that this is completely insane. 

To suggest that war is not destructive, sickness is not wrong, and all forms of suffering are lovable. You’ll feel like protesting against the idea of awakening because it flies in the face of everything the world believes. It goes against your moral compass and your sense of values of what is good and evil. Everything that was downloaded into the psyche since the day we were born. 

Unconditional love doesn’t change when situations change; it doesn’t adapt to the problem or pay attention to what’s happening. It could be considered oblivious and seemingly inconsiderate. After all, you will be judged by others who might not understand unconditional love. 

ACIM (A Course in Miracles) tells us that we must find a way to love the world even though its nature seems unlovable. Even war and destruction, and murder have to be somehow forgivable, and forgiveness is an earthly form of unconditional love. But the idea of loving hell, or loving attackers, or loving abusers, or loving punishment starts seeming outrageously blasphemous and offensive to the ego.

The ego, in its insanity, always believes that anything truly sane is insane. Ideas of unconditional love are seen as treacherous, ignorant, and lacking compassion for “real suffering.” Anything which makes true sense is seen as complete nonsense.

It can seem challenging to “wake up” because our Egos believe the direction we need to head in will take us into solutions that only reflect the very problems it has created and leads us further into insanity, closer to evil, and away from safety. 

At first, the notion that you can see beauty in something “the son of God made in hate” seems impossible and ridiculous. God did not create hate, and God doesn’t see what we see; we are the creators of this life. 

The idea that objects and forms of separation and attack could be regarded as representing the truth seems completely false.

But somehow, we still have to find a way to consider how it may be possible that there is a higher vantage point capable of being forgiving towards attackers, capable of loving hell, and even capable of translating hell into heaven. The idea of heaven and hell is just a reference to the contrasts in life. We are heaven and hell, all wrapped in this physical container. 

The idea that earth can reflect heaven despite its completely flawed-seeming nature, at least on the level of form, seems far out of reach and unwanted. Still, it must be accomplished to rise above the battlefield into the light. We are the light and the only ones that can turn that light on. 

When you rise above the battlefield, you can witness and hold space, releasing energy to heal. When we do that for ourselves, we ultimately do it for humanity.

Join us–self-love vibe.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.