One day I changed because I wanted to.

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One day I changed because I wanted to.

What makes humanity fascinating is that we are different in our unique expression. Just look around at all the different cultures and see how they choose to represent themselves.

There are many types of people and personalities in life, and we choose to select traits, clothing, persona, and ways of being that we resonate with and then make them our own.
In a way they are our own, no two people wear the same thing alike. It’s a beautiful thing this change and freedom to be.

Our internal expression, how we feel about ourselves or what we give permission to is the driving force behind the adornments we wear or the persona we might adopt to show the world. The internal self-doesn’t lie.

Whatever it is that you choose to show up in; wear yourself well… Own it… Embrace it… And never allow anyone to tell you different.

It is just an opinion, not truth and most likely not yours.
While the advice of others can sometimes offer you more clarity, remember, people can only give suggestions that would be best for them and their own path. Ultimately you must come back to claim and give yourself permission to be the empowered co-creator of YOUR life expression to find your way to the decisions that best match you, your unique path, and your energetics.

Today I welcome my individuality, my unique expression and remind a friend to do the same. We are all exceptional in our way.

When you are nervous, you are not yourself. When you are self-conscious, you are not your true Self; you are afraid, there is a slight trembling inside because others are going to judge whether they appreciate you or not – fear has entered.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.