Standing in the Ruby Slippers.

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Standing in the Ruby Slippers.

Growing up watching the Wizard of OZ over and over had no specific meaning for me. But as I watched it over time with age, I began to see the more profound aspects of the film, which BTW is nothing but genius for its time.

I was mostly attracted to all the artistic qualities of the film; the creatures, the little people, the witches and of course those monkeys, they were so abstract and let’s not forget Toto, the dog too.

Back in the day, there wasn’t much on TV, so when something like The Wizard of Oz came on, I was glued. Watching it today with the eyes of some wisdom I see what was going on in the film; all the powerlessness, the struggle to be seen, heard and loved and the differences. But more importantly, things are not always as they seem. Each emotional component was looking for something outside themselves to feel whole.

All those roadblocks and emotions that Dorothy thought were taking her away from home, her home within, was her lack of faith in herself.

When the Wicked Witch of the West demands that Dorothy give her dead sister’s slippers to her, Glinda the good witch says, “Their magic must be very powerful, or she wouldn’t want them so badly.” Still, she never tells Dorothy about their true power. Why would she ruin Dorothy’s experience?

Nobody can take away our power unless we give it away.
Even in the worst scenarios, we always have ourselves, our mind’s eye, our heart-mind. We always are empowered we just have to know that and then stand in that.

The journey through OZ is filled with wisdom, emotional intelligence, the dark and light of life and that there is a lot of help along the way if we are willing to be open. We are not powerless, and life is giving us clues about ourselves along the way.

Having faith in ourselves, helps us navigate the road of life that will be filled with many difficulties and obstacles-guaranteed.

Dorothy began her journey, losing her dog, getting caught away from home in a twister then dropping a house on the ugly witch. If that wasn’t a call to inner-action. She needed to travel down the yellow brick road to gain perspective of her challenges and gifts where she certainly met up with tons of roadblocks and exciting situations.

When Dorothy doubted herself, she also questioned herself as well.

In the end, she figured it out, that she had the power all along she just had to close her eyes and look within and believe. Today we refer to that as; tapping into our third-eye, trusting our guts and going with that.

The power of the ruby slippers represents to me the roots that we are always standing in, and that our foundation can be shaken and stirred but if we trust in ourselves, believe that the experiences that happen in our lives are gifts that need to be unwrapped before they can be appreciated. The road to OZ can be one hell of a bodacious road trip.

What we put our focus on, will definitely give whatever we want the power to manifest, it may not come as we expect it to be, but something will show up.

Problems will come, and it is hard not to focus on them. But why not shift it up a bit. We all know things pass in moments although it feels like forever and they won’t, only because we keep it alive with our focus. Damn…It’s tiring…

Just remember this; You are always standing in your power, wearing the ruby slippers. Just click your heels and say out loud; “I got this.”

Let’s focus on our possibilities, not problems.

Each day I have super-human powers to shift my Universe quickly.
I got this!

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