Self-Healing Breathing!

Just for today use your breath to heal your body-mind. Let’s take ourselves off automatic pilot today; do some conscious breathing and think about all the healing messages we can breathe into our bodies and on the exhale all the energy we want to let go.

We are always thinking about this, that and the other so why not think about ways to heal yourself. Do this breath work for you. Everything else in life will do what it does, and with your active healing breath everything in your life will be as it needs to be with you arriving in excellent condition.  The brain needs us to breathe consciously, it wakes us up!

Breathe in PEACE………..…..Exhale ANXIETY
Breathe in CONFIDENCE……….Exhale FEAR
Breathe in STRENGTH…………..Exhale WEAKNESS
Breathe in POWER………….Exhale INTIMIDATION

Each day I build my breath vocabulary to make peace within my body-mind. ~Dolby Dharma

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