My Scares My Wounds are My Magic

Love your scars and wounds; these are filled with revelations, and they will let us know what matters most. Wounds are a great indicator to our souls deepest callings and what we came to heal. This is the best explanation of why shit goes down in our families, with our friends and the difficult situations that can cut us deeply. It is the greatest teacher letting us know what we are capable of and what we can and will not handle. More importantly to rise above it all.
Love your flaws; Flaws are the diamond in the rough within, it is our multi-faceted journey, our revolution of life. This is how we grow; it threads us to our life; it opens us to maturity, wisdom, gives us depth, transcendence and helps us in shallow waters. The word ‘flaw‘ is just a name we have been programmed to perceive as something unmentionable, not so good, etc., but these behaviors are the best-kept secrets of us, these fabulous shortcomings are our gems, we need to wear them proudly.

Love your malfunctions; these are the things that can piss people off, and as a result, we can lose people and things along the way. But these same breakdowns are the very things we can find a ton of humor, liberation, get to know ourselves more; what is considered the dark side of life or the hidden aspects of ourselves that others might cast judgments upon. It also graces us with strength if we are willing to look at a more rooted love of ourselves and rise above all the misfires and judgments.

Love your hurts; these boo-boos are the greatest teachers we have; the pain of heartbreak, loss, and illnesses teaches us; patience, forgiveness, and what is real in life; that we are strong, humble and can transform anything if we are willing to accept and access, and then deal with ‘what is’ instead of complaining and crying ‘why me’, well you can ‘why me‘ for a minute but you have to let that go, or it will eat you alive.

Love your insecurities; let those aspects of yourself out. Yes, those parts that we hide need to come out and play not be shut out, suppressed and judged by us, our insecurities need support, love, and understanding. These uncomfortable and fearful parts of ourselves are home to our gems, our gifts, talents, creative juices. They are a part of our genius and higher aspects of ourselves that have been shut down or unsupported. These fears are screaming take a risk, get uncomfortable, set your own standards, rhythm, and boundaries.

Love who YOU are; When the shit hits the fan, oh, and it will, let it hit; this is where the rubber hits the road and this is a golden opportunity to know ourselves more deeply. We can know what stays to play and what gets donated. Self-love reminds us to be ourselves in the best and worst scenarios.

When it is all said and done, it is about honoring ourselves fully.  All things come and go. Transition is a part of life, we are continually transforming ourselves. We are all just navigating this life together, with each other and for each other. So let us cut each other a break and see that the other parts of me are YOU too.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.