An offering for ourselves

Where do we make room for ourselves? I venture to say we don’t think of ourselves in terms of maintenance; we tend to get ‘woke’ when something rings our emotions, it gets our attention. If we can offer some self-care, each day in terms of preventive care; things that make you feel happy, joy-filled, relaxed, empowered, etc., the complexities would not sting as much, we would not feel as unhinged when things become complex or don’t go in ways we had hoped. Making time for the sacred-self I believe is our soul purpose and journey in this life.
If we can master inner selves in the day to day, it will complement the external world, then our visit here on earth will not be in vain. Be love…. Teach Peace. Encourage all to make space for themselves.  Each day I make magic with my mind.  Dolby Dharma
remember who I am ~ 

heart to my call,
the empowered one within-
she whispers her soul’s longing,
to her heart cracking open with desire-
she howls at the sky
that holds thunder,
she who wakes-
and rises with sacred,
even when life-
is hemmed with ordinary,
edges frayed with turmoil,
she carries the gathering-
of prayers in her arms,
singing the song of the shes-
holding circle around the labyrinth,
touching mystery and light-
in the darkest corners of her path,
her candle is her flame-
she calls it by name,
echoing I am light-
I am love,
I am sacred…
oh, sacred one,
remember who you are-
more than the distancing,
of life pulling you back-
rise and emerge,
push away the thick-
to your open way,
to your movement-
you will find your sacred way,
in the breath of your rising-
in your resting,
with dreams of stars-
that light your soul.
Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Brad Kunkle


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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.