Mirror-Mirror in the world!

Relationships are a challenge especially the ones we have with ourselves, and who better helps us see and understand ourselves better than other people.  Every single person is a mirror in our lives; What this means is that others are merely highlighting parts of our own consciousness back to us, giving us the privilege to discover ourselves and ultimately move towards expansion and subtle awakenings. Nothing comes fast and easy and certainly without understanding and knowing.

Believe it or not, the qualities we most admire in others are our own, and the same goes for those attributes we dislike. To change anything in our relationships, we have to be in truth to who we are and be awake to what is happening in our external relations and what is going on within us when triggered in both directions.  If we want people to be different that is not going to happen if we are doing the same ole same ole, and certainly not if we are not ‘woke’ to what is going on. We have to take ownership, change it up, and what we don’t like will eventually go away and what we do like will just get enhanced.

Remember our relationships with others are our highest opportunity to experience ourselves and grow.  The short of it all boils down to feeling groovy within, it is a smoother ride externally.

Every day I listen and feel my feelings, and then I speak and act my feelings peacefully.

No one can put you on the pinnacle of masterhood. You anoint yourself, you crown yourself, you save yourself, and you become all things to yourself. All someone else is going to do is to reflect you that you are there or not. It comes down to: “to thine own Self-be true.”-John-Roger, DSS

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.