Perfect Partner

Partner has a ring to it, doesn’t it? For some of us, it brings the bridge of life together, for others its security and other’s an extra burden to answer to and be responsible to and for another. All in all, partners are great, most of us were created as social beings, needing other’s to thrive, expand and of course create other little beings.
It’s the neediness and the expectations we place upon a partner that can be a problem, after all, relationships are complicated entities.
Relationships can be complicated, powerful, promising, yet entirely convoluted, but if we commit to the most significant relationship there is; the one we have with ourselves partnerships can be exciting.
There is something auspicious about pairing up and expanding one’s horizons about life. Life with a partner is a road trip, you know that is where the ‘rubber meets the road,’ that is when things get messy, yet there is so much joy in sharing life.
The only problems that appear in partnerships are if we tend to lose ourselves, forget our voice and when that happens, we choose a partner that will mirror where we are going south. If we are willing to look within and shine the light on ourselves that is the best investment.
There are many benefits to having a partner in life, so get to know the one you were born with, yourself first and the rest will fall into place. Be a partner within a partnership that is where the strength is to withstand the test of time and of course build a worthy empire.   Dolby Dharma

Let’s begin by telling a simple truth: You will probably never create a resilient, invigorating bond with the lush accomplice of your dreams until you master the art of loving yourself ingeniously. A wedding ritual that joins you to yourself could catalyze an uncanny shift in your mojo that would attract a fresh, hot consort into your life, or else awaken the sleeping potential of a simmering alliance you have now.

If you’re feeling brave, try speaking the following words aloud:

“I am no longer looking for the perfect partner.
I am my perfect partner.”

Say it even stronger:

“I am no longer looking for the perfect partner
to salve all my wounds
and fix all my mix-ups
and bridge all my chasms.
I am no longer looking for the perfect partner
because I am my own ideal partner.”

Rob Breszney


Relax into the Grace that is the ground of your being, 
Receive the love that ends the spiritual poverty of lack,
Allow the transforming power to lift your veils,
and find a spiritually elegant, luminous way of being to 
live in this world and serve its evolution



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