Heads Up!

Pain comes in all forms, but suffering is optional. How do we suffer? With the words, beliefs and all the stories, we tell ourselves. The best way to move through our thoughts is with a warrior attitude. Let’s face it, we are always in some constant battle in our minds. We have high expectations about our lives; I am not saying “don’t expect,” but if we just lower our expectations and have an open mind when situations, people or things don’t go our way the disappointment won’t be as devastating.

Pain is not the enemy, it is just a whisper letting you know something is not quite right. This is the time to wake up to yourself, give yourself the compassion it is asking for and take care of your Divine self first and foremost. Change up the stories in your head, and that will pave the way to healing.

Acceptance goes a long way;  Acceptance for who you are, what you do and believe, what you feel and express. Acceptance allows a more responsive than reactive attitude. This helps to nourish bravery, which is the magic for healing.

Remember what rolls around in your mind is given a life by you! What kind of life are you living?  SELF-LOVE

“When something goes wrong, look deep into yourself — not in an emotional way, to blame yourself or indulge your feelings of guilt, but to make sure that you start your next campaign with a firmer step and greater vision.” Robert Greene

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.