The Gift

It’s always a good idea to remind ourselves what really matters in this life, and that is the gift of ourselves first.

The gift of unquestioned acceptance
Acceptance is not always easy. Yeah, we can say accept everyone, every situation but that is another story. The real acceptance comes from receiving and recognizing ourselves first as we are. If we can hone in on that, we will be comfortable with experiencing everyone for who they are, not as we want them to be. We are all Divine in our own unique way.

The gift of present moment awareness
We all have a past, and if we have blessed’ a future will unfold, but we need to leave the past and future where they belong; behind us and in front of us. The present is all that matters; the right here, right now. No time to waste, so don’t lose your present moments obsessing over shit that happened and certainly don’t make yourself crazy worrying about what might come…

The gift of being fully alive
To be fully enlivened is to share your existence with everything, and everyone you come in contact with. Be the walking example of what it means to be fully aware of who you are, what you are, and how you are.

The gift of being Joyful

Joy is a confidence that comes from being present to life as it is unfolding moment by moment.  “No matter how you feel today, get up, dress up & show up.”

Close your eyes right now and take a deep breath. Then take a new look inside and marvel at the opportunity you have to show appreciation, excitement, happiness, and peace for the gift of giving and receiving. Your decision to emphasize, allow and express your gratitude no matter what can make a difference, rekindle the spirit of self-love and share your gifts.

Make your day just for this day about wonder and gratitude for the miracles that appear in life.


What is Matter?—Never mind.
What is Mind?—No matter.

Dolby DHarma Self💝Love 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.