Why we don’t heal…

We all have stories to spin like a spider web around in our minds with all the aggression that has been bestowed upon us by; family, friends, strangers, and random shit that comes out of nowhere we don’t understand.

NOT one of us has escaped the experience of being fucked over at one time or another.

What do we do with that?

We get stuck on repeat in our heads and go over and over it until, it becomes the poison, the elixir to our confidence, our self-esteem, and our soul, and, causes “that” grudge, and a whole other array of emotions to play with our mind and our heart and play out in the field of life.

A grudge, grievance, bitterness, resentment etc. are a cry for love, yep that is what it is. Love me…

We are here to unknow the knowing, undo the doing, and, find peace within ourselves, that when someone or something acts out of fear, the essence of us becomes the arms that cradle the assault.

Hard to do, but that is what we are here to embrace, so that we can stop the insane idea that we are different than each other, when in fact we are not. We just look different, act differently; and that is the EGO running around or running away to be separate and separated. But we cannot run from ourselves and if we think we are it only creates discord, disharmony, and separateness. When all we want is to be accepted, and that begins with receiving ourselves first.

It stops us from loving again, trying new things, and growing. Like a butterfly stuck in a mason jar, unable to experience the world, the more that you hold on to the grudge, the more you disassemble your life and your purpose., which is a return to love. Dolby Dharma

Until you surrender the need to know why things happened to you as they did, you will hold on to your wounds with intense emotional fire. Your mind will want to heal, but your pride, anger, and emotions will remain caught up in wanting to make sure that the people who hurt you feel bad about what they’ve done. Or you may want to hurt them back. But rest assured, your emotional self will remain attached to the unfinished business rooted in feelings of abandonment and humiliation, of having lost something or been cheated. 

Your mind may do what’s required for healing and go through all the prescribed steps, but your heart will never fully participate in the healing process. In the end, forgiveness is an act of release, surrendering the need for an explanation. 

From that prospective, forgiveness has nothing to do with the individuals who harmed you. It is the act of accepting that there is a more meaningful map of life, through which flow many rivers of events and relationships, all interconnected. 

Forgiveness is your release from the hell of wanting to know what cannot be identified and from wanting to see others suffer because they have hurt you.~Carolyn Myss

Come join self-love and share your experiences of YOU Dolby DHarma Self💝Love 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.