The best part of waking-up is YOU.

Don’t remain asleep, kiss yourself each day, knowing you are one step closer to your true love. 

Waking up to ourselves is a life long journey that comes in many sporadic moments, and sometimes hits us with a big bang download; For some, it can be a rude jolt, for those actively seeking themselves it can be an ‘AHA’ moments that cause a shift in perceptions. Either way, we all get a glimpse of being ‘woke’ and it can change us.

In each of us, I believe there is this clarity in our perceptions that comes when we begin to wake ourselves up; our perception has the qualities of a much more direct knowing; we notice small things that are often struck by the more trivial things in life that don’t have some form of payoff, but fill our being with this unexplainable, expandable sense of joy, wonder, and the way I like to describe (it), NO words. As a result of this expansion, you might feel a softness to your thoughts and reactions to things that once set you off or went unnoticed.  This innate intensity of perception or waking yourself up is sometimes experienced as an openness to experience and/or, an increased sensitivity to your life, without you questioning what’s happening, but instead living from a place you thirst for more.

We all question our lives at one time or another, wondering why we are here, those questions are the magic moments that wake us up to something far greater within–ourselves. Discovering we are much more than the exterior life is powerful, more powerful than we could possibly believe we embody.  NO-thing and nothing is at it seems.

“No spiritual master who ever walked the earth has anything on you. You’re the complete package, the real deal. You just don’t remember it yet.”
― Carrie Triffet, The Enlightenment Project

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.