The disowned parts of ourselves

Most of us are aware that there is this other self-buried deep within; there are many names we give this self, but the bottom line; this other-self is the other you. This ‘other you,’ are hidden and the disowned parts, if acknowledged, can help most of us lead a more fulfilling and creative life and, on the flip side can sometimes destroy our lives if we don’t understand it, we suppress it, and shut it down.

Acknowledging the deepest parts of ourselves is where we find our balance, and, our integrity about who we are. It is not a secret that we all wear two hats, some of us many. We tend to mask the not so pretty, not so nice, the unseen or unknown aspects of who we believe are; unworthy, contrary, weak or denied, shame, guilt, fear, and I am sure you can add a few more adjectives to this list. 

When we do recognize and wake-up to these hidden or, not so hidden qualities, we tend to keep these underlying parts of ourselves, under wraps for fear of judgments, embarrassment, and not being accepted. The truth is, if we don’t accept ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to as well. 

Instead of hiding the persona of yourself that you don’t want others to see, why not keep the shadow in plain sight, bring it to the light. Make friends with the hidden; after all, those aspects are not going to go away or not be seen because we think the secrets are hidden because they are not always protected. This shadow has friends too and, these friends will knock on your door, and you will come out to play sooner than later. 

The shadow AKA the “EGO” houses the parts of us that we don’t want to share or the parts of ourselves we deny, but the truth of it all, the shadow WILL NOT BE DENIED…The denied self wants to come out and play, wants to be seen and loves a good game of Hide and Seek and will always have a player to bring the shadow out in each of us. The disown parts of ourselves show up in our relationships. If you want to know who you are, look at your tribe to see yourself. Bringing the deepest parts of ourselves to the light is the way to heal.

There is so much profound beauty, grace, and wisdom that lives in the dark self of our being that needs to be addressed. Our shadow holds a deep and most profound secret to healing and self-acceptance; The lottery of self-discovery. If we are willing and ready to take ownership. READY is the keyword. Give yourself a big hug, a blast of self-love, and know we all share the whole of each other. In La’Kesh, I am another you! 

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Debbie Ford says “every time you embrace a shadow, you open up a new pathway for your life.” … “Denying our shadow side only leads to more pain, suffering, regret, and resignation.” 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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