OMG, it’s on its way!!!!!!

something wonderful

Because of who you are.  Yep, that is right, because of  YOU.

Because of how compelling your presence is to this life, and just because you deserve something unusual, off the charts, and, su·per·ca·li·fra·gil·is·tic·ex·pi·a·li·do·cious to happen to you.

Believe that thought, feel that vibration and get in harmony with aliveness, and watch the flow of wonder roll right into your life.

LQQk for the wonderment all around you, feel that firey Pheonix rise within you and in ALL-WAYS expect a miracle.

Give yourself permission to want aMazing wonderfulness to enter into your life.

In fact, if you are expecting and know amazing people, opportunities, and random acts of kindness will come your way, and you just open the door to your heart to receiving, that is all it takes to get your ‘flow Joe’ moving today and every day that follows. Just tweak your vantage point and see beyond the obvious.

Nobody does it better than YOU!


Everybody can have a miracle.

Today, relax and surrender to what comes your way, don’t forget to smile; it actually changes everything. 😃

Expect it with your mind…

Speak it with your words…

Believe to receive…

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.