Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

We are only a shadow in time. What we truly are is an Omnipresent, unfathomable luminous light of pure undefinable love– and on that note, we can be sure without a shadow of a doubt, if we want our lives to change work on believing that all miracles happen when we bring the light to life that is where the strength, pure love, and healing reside. The light denies the shadow if we stop believing in everything else and accept that love is all there is.

Hard to do for sure. All that airy-fairy love seems a bit fairytalish doesn’t it. But think about your highest moments of feeling open, expansively in-love. Doesn’t matter if is a person place or thing, just feel it. It is real, it is a moment in time when you have left the shadow to pursue what is real. Unexplainable exhilarating love. Not a better feeling than being over the moon in ecstasy.

We live in the physical world filled with distractions and false beliefs about what love is, and that is ok, but the more we bust out our light, transfer our conscious from duality to wholeness we will continue to suffer. Pain happens in the physical reality, we know that to be, just look around, we all know someone who is ill, sad, broken, in denial, defeated, naked, and afraid.

Until we are ready to change how we see the world, we will continue to suffer. The shadows eye provides us with self-deception of how things are not.

It is a drug of choice.

Introduce the shadow to the light and watch it burn itself out.


The light of strength is constant, sure as love, forever glad to give itself away, because it cannot give but to itself. No one can ask in vain to share its sight, and none who enters its abode can leave without a miracle before his eyes, and strength and light abiding in his heart. ACIM

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.