Self-forgiveness in a nutshell


Forgiveness requires humility

“Resign now as your own teacher.”

One of the many ways we Honor ourselves is by allowing the natural law of life to flow through us and extend it out to others; beginning with Self-Forgiveness!

Self-Forgiveness is NOT about perfection or getting ALL things right. It is not always saying or doing the ‘right stuff’ or even thinking positive thoughts.

It is about the humanness that we all are and how we are here too, show-up, exchange, and interact with each other. To undo the confusion we are in.

It’s not pretending shit did not happen or that you weren’t butt hurt over someone or even your own behavior.

It is about ‘UNDERSTANDING’ that we are all operating on our own set of values, beliefs, and ways of being. That we are ALL dis~eased in GUILT, SHAME, AND FEAR. We can go out into the world knowing we are all in this together—NO exceptions.

We comingle daily with ourselves in our minds, and, with other people who come in contact with us. The people opportunities can be joyous, or a complete meltdown. We can experience the discomfort as an opportunity for expansion or a life sentence of self-imprisonment.

Forgiveness is the pathway and the only way out to inner peace.

The beauty, the pain, and the pleasure(S) of life are rich in nutrients for the souls’ expansion.

The more we recognize that we are here to ‘just love,’; and get excited about the possibilities of our existence; the more we understand that everything is, and not always about us, that we are all in this life together, and…NO ONE gets out alive.

‘BAM’-let the healing begin.

What happens to ‘you’ happens for the whole too. The more we get on board with self-inquiry… Not take things so personally… We can experience sacred freedom within, that is unexplainable, but will bring an eternal joy— in other words; you will be infections. Now that is GRACE.

To self-forgive is not denying, enabling or approving it is allowing our humanness, and knowing nothing really happened. It is opening to your compassionate heart!

“Self-Forgiveness is something we do for each other.”

Self-Forgiveness: is an action, one that takes courage, strength, and a strong sense of self to allow for open communication; to listen, not defend and let each BE who they are.

Mantra: Today, I will remember that everyone deserves to forgive themselves! Everyone makes mishaps. Instead of holding a grudge, running away and closing the door, I will open my heart and the lines of communication.

I will start communication with myself first!

No matter where we find ourselves, and, in whatever condition, we are the Decision Maker, the answer is not in the EFFECT (situation) it is located in the CAUSE ( the mind).


“You can sit there forever, lamenting about how bad you’ve been, feeling guilty until you die, and not one tiny slice of that guilt will do anything to change a single thing in the past. Forgive yourself, then move on!” Wayne Dyer

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