Traditionally, happy hour is slated for 5 PM somewhere.

We’ve all heard the slogan, it’s 5 O’clock somewhere. Most of us look forward to a Happy Hour, a time to relax, escape, unwind, and socialize.

For me, Happy Hour begins at 5 AM, and it does not involve alcohol either– haha. I look forward to my morning groove; stepping outside and looking up at the sky, checking out the constellations and the amaZing moon when present. This all happens at 5 AM.


I begin with a salutation, set an intention, which sets the tone for a great day—at least for me it does. Morning makes my spirit soar and refreshes, restores and rejuvenates me; not just with feeling happy but filling me with an unexplainable clarity, gratitude, and just being.

Suggestion; make space for a personal ‘Happy Hour.’ Your inner compass knows the right time to get you in the right mind.

We all have a personal Happy Hour, and the good news is you can set the time you feel brings you, your favorite ‘Mocktail.’

What is your happy hour? What makes your body feel tipsy?

ask your heart

If you don’t have Happy Hour, create one for yourself, it will give you something to look forward to. Who knows maybe you are one the blessed ones, whose Happy Hour is all day long! I hope so.  Cheers!

A little side notes here on traditional ‘Happy Hour’: “ironically, you can thank prohibition for the boozy practice as we know it today and the U.S. Navy for the upbeat name. The first documented “happy hours” in the United States were held by the Navy as early as 1914 — but they had very little to do with alcohol.” It took place for the navy to give them a break from boredom at sea. It was their weekly entertainment, something to look forward to. -quoted from Huffington Post

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