Get Lost in Yourself!

lose yourself

“Fall apart and fall in love all over again with yourself.”

“The only person you should ever fear losing in a relationship is you yourself.”

Time to have a little ‘ME’ time and disconnect from the ‘LOUDNESS’ of life even if it is only for a few minutes. Sometimes you have to fall apart, fall out and fall into the zone, and disconnect to restore who you are born to be…LOVE PEACE JOY EQUANIMITY. The breeding ground for wisdom and freedom and the protector of compassion and love.

In fact, it is best to start with just a few minutes until you begin to feel the incredible benefits for yourself. Your beautiful body will direct how much time it needs.

Restorative Asanas can be walks in nature or a moment of stillness; these are just a few optimal ways to release the sticky holds of the day-to-day.  Find yourself, feel yourself, and refresh your whole being.

In Yoga, there are many restorative postures, asanas, poses whatever word describes it for you. Of course, nature offers free medicinal medicine; it can be our connection to spirituality, the deepest parts of ourselves.  It also helps to release, fear, anger, and can bring about positive, pleasant changes that can help us begin again.

My favorite yoga restorative is Child’s Pose, Bālāsana, or Child’s Resting Pose. It just feels so good for my body; it is super relaxing, calms my mind and opens the back- heart space to allow all that divine energy to enter into my body with a healing hit of restoration. 

That is where I feel absolutely rested, revived, and happy. I just let it all float away, fall apart, making way for the Divine to permeate my body.  

The wonders of life are abundant if we tap into ourselves and discover the unrealized parts of ourselves that might have been suppressed. As a result of not making time to release.

We all need to recovery time from our active lives, and it is incredible how many of us don’t take those moments for ourselves. Because there is always some deadline, we created in our minds that must be met.  

Come on warriors, make a commitment to yourself. Take time to rediscover deserve it!

Self-Love is about self-care, together they create a vibrational match for a smoother full-body life.

Find something that you can do for yourself and make the gift you give to you, and commit to yourself.

Here are just a few benefits you will harvest from restoration:
💗You will deeply relax, which allows for healing.
💗Slow breathing; your nervous system will thank you.
💗Quiets your mind to allow for clear thinking.
💗Gain compassion and understanding for yourself.
💗It is an excellent drug of choice.
💗Most of all, your body will love you back.


Mantra: I give myself some quality ‘ME’ time, I am worth it.

Sometimes the most essential thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. – Etty Hillesum

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