The Truth inside YOU!

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Life is an adventure; the minute we are born it starts.  When we begin to wake up to the notion that an opposite feeling is calling us out. We begin to push against, resist what is NOT true, and recognize that we have to expand our horizons. 

We have forgotten that ALL people, places, and things are a ‘call to action;’ and that every test, challenge, and obstacle are here to enlighten us and bring us to the truth. Brings us back to our selves, and remember the light within is the harvest. 

It takes a surprising amount of courage to move through our world with the tenacity of a survivor/warrior and at times THE abuser/perpetrator; with yet the undiscovered awareness of victim/innocent.

The necessary journey that will ultimately bring us back where we have started. At long last, we return with the elixir of life’s purpose; to reclaim our God-like status of an experienced observer.

Remembering and reminding us that we have been and always will be ALL experiences that present itself.

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Compassionate wisdom becomes the genuine bond that brings the two polarities of victim and perpetrator together in a world where opposites are the genuine call for celebration.

Change is fuel and bounties that reveal themselves in many forms; ultimately, we are transformed into awareness.

Nothing is excluded from the journey——this is the Harmonious Hero’s Journey. 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.