“Sending out an SOS“

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Think about the dream we are living; we are everything and nothing neatly held within the physical container we call bodies.

Life here on earth is the biggest masquerade party. We come in all shapes, sizes, expressions, etc.

These containers we jumped into have earthly expiration dates that are unbeknown or known to us; who the hell really knows. But what we do know for sure is that we will eventually transform these bodies.

I’m pretty sure many of us wonder “what’s it all about anyway,” and some just think, “whatever,” we die, and rot in the earth.  Grim thought for sure. But not something I am willing to entertain.

After all, “what if?????” We become what we believe. Now that’s a thought!

Whatever the case may be, I believe we are here to reveal the unseen; to love ourselves, honor our presence in this world and be an example of what it means to embrace our individuality that contributes to the greater good of the whole, even though we are hiding behind the guise. 

We are here to just be love.

We are energy,

Attracting unto thyself.

Love is our vitality.

Love is what we came here for.

Love is the truth we rise for.

Freedom is the lesson we must learn.

Thoughts about who we believe we are; are always finding a frequency to connect to out to the Universe.

We are sending an invitation, asking for whatever ‘it is’ to come into our lives; via speaking and thinking.

This invitation will bring us precisely what we think we are or want, like it or not.

We are here NOT to disappear into the sameness of others. We already are internally/eternally the same frequency wrapped up in disguise only to be unwrapped.

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. The self is NOT something one finds, because we are never lost. We are in the process of undoing, rediscovering our majestic selves. 

We have one opportunity here on earth!

Remember, the Universe is listening and will deliver.

Mantra: My body/mind/spirit serves a higher law. I embrace my intimate moments of a heartfelt connection to myself.
 Dolby Dharma

“The authentic YOU is not the oneness of the Universe we all share, but the ONE who mediates between your own Universe and The Universe we all share. If you try to fit in, then your Inner World, the source of your GODHOOD and UNIQUENESS will disappear.” – Life Coach Code.”

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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  1. “The self is NOT something one finds, because we are never lost.” Nice observation there, this one resonated with me. We’re all simply unfolding with time.

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