Rising and Releasing

As we rise this beautiful morning, we raise our intentions to Cosmic abundance that is all around us and within us.

Gratitude for the unseen, unknown, lifeforce that keeps on giving.

We raise our vibrations, welcoming the change to show our gratitude for all that we are in existence with each other. And so it is AHO!

Take your left hand and place it over your heart, now place your right hand upon your left.

Feel the intention.

Feel your purpose.

Take a deep breath; inhale as you feel the harmonizing draw and expansion of your body mind and spirit.

Hold that breath for a few seconds–feel the powerful force of your existence.

Now release that breath and everything that is not worthy of being sustained within. Do this with intention, nice and slow, rowing your breath home.

The unseen powers that be are always protecting us, holding space, and strengthening the way.


Breathe into the sacred essence of you—You the Divine. 

I am breathing in  …The unsettled, and self-abandoned.
Breathing out…protection nurtured and loved.
I am breathing in …guilt, shame, and fear.
Breathing out…innocence, self-awareness, and fearlessness.
I am breathing in... traumas, woundedness, and unforgiveness.
Breathing out … healing and forgiveness.
I am breathing in…hopelessness, sickness, and pain
Breathing out…miracles, health, and peace.
And so it is A’HO!

“With deep respect and great gratitude, I invoke the presence and the power of the Divine light and love to embrace and support me as I release that which has held me back and prevented me from living my full potential and creating the life I am intended to live. 
I call upon the Divine energy forces of love and gratitude to witness and this sacred space so that I may safely let go of the resistance that keeps me rooted in people, situations and things that no longer serve my peace of heart.”
Artwork–Gail Faith Edwards
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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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