Respond to life with Equilibrium

Practicing yoga really brings up a ton of stories for me. My wandering mind has the golden opportunity to replay my life as I lay in savasana, trying to unwind and focus on my breathing; one can begin to experience a little space between the thought and what is perceived as Self when you’re lying flat on your back taking a deep breath.

The breath and mind have a symbiotic relationship and a particular way of showing me where I am meeting my edge at that moment. Turning my mind, inward, is not so easy; I call it the ‘dipping point.’ Where I allow myself to dip in and out all the while seeking a middle ground of allowing.

All that mind-wandering can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to vacate the noise of life.

The charm and temptations of the world are compelling; the mind has formed a habit of running from one object to another, sorting itself out with a multitude of tasks.

Grounding a thought or pose does not see a reason to go inward and seek a purpose; that moment is self-directed, the moment you notice how much you are trying to control the moment, and it throws you in the bushes.

Noticing allows me to bring myself back to the present and permit the difficulty to be there without fighting, resisting, or reacting to it or trying to change it.

“Staying with ease is asana”

When I notice I am about to go over the edge, and my thoughts wander off, “when are we coming out of this godforsaken pose.” I call for the divine or something worthy of grace. Along with humor and a willingness.

I respond and capture a moment of equilibrium, that moment of ‘AHH.’

“That moment of truth, says, I am grounded even when I am not, and that is enough.”

Many postures twist me up, take me off balance, and bring me into the awareness of my truth. With each pose I transition into, it is a moment of noticing what I am holding on to and what I am ‘willing’ to let go of.

Each time I go to yoga, it is never the same because I am never the same. I find myself rebalancing my temple throughout the day…


My favorite asana is tree pose AKA as Vrksasana in Sanskrit. It is a basic yoga pose used to promote balance and centering. The Sanskrit name comes from the words vrksa meaning tree, and asana meaning pose.

Whether we are standing on one foot or both feet, the magic is finding our center, our root, and support no matter what edge we are experiencing.

Through an honest inquiry, I can discover an accurate alignment (even if it is only for a moment), and find my balance, no matter what the distractions are.

So, the message for all of us.

If you are willing, notice when you are getting swept up by people, situations, and your own self-chatter. When you feel you are at your edge when you feel like you are not connected to your senses, come back to what’s true, the internal foundation that breathes itself into alignment and creates a healthy balance that is untouchable by external circumstances. This is your truth, this is your strength, this is where the magic happens, where your most significant expansion grows and flourishes.

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