Life is Short!

We don’t often understand that when we are behaving, believing, or living in positive or negative ways, we are teaching that very behavior.

We are fueling “the” story, and making it real, and that is powerful, and that is what we become.


No one is mightier than the other.

Every situation is the perfect moment, but we have to be aware of the moment.

The mind is a powerful trickster, and the only way to understand or get a handle on your thoughts, ‘notice’ them first, do not push them aside or believe they are authentic.

Noticing your thoughts allows you to change up those thoughts, which can improve your feelings. Allowing you to see people, places, and situations as they are.

You have to have a willingness first and foremost.

Don’t place a massive expectation on yourself or another–you will be disappointed every time.

When thoughts arise, you can change them up, like changing a radio or TV station even if you do not believe those better feeling thoughts at the moment.

That will change in time, as your mind is undoing the old paradigm.

Those negative thoughts are just a ‘habit,’ old ‘stories,’ old ‘beliefs’ that are NOT true about you.

It is a story, a belief that keeps you stuck in the HABITUAL mindless mindset.

I know this sounds so easy to change up your stinkin thinkin, but hey, it is as easy as flippin the channel on the remote.

There is good news when you are ‘aware,’ and begin talking about it, you know you can do something about those thoughts. 

Yes, you can.

Everything we think about ourselves can be changed, no matter who said what to you, or better yet, what you keep telling yourself.

You can STOP BELIEVING in the stories you have told yourself and certainly don’t believe stories others have about you either.

The healing is in the ’cause’ which is in the ‘mind.’ You won’t find healing in the ‘effects’ or ‘form’ outside yourself.

The healing happy place will NEVER be found in the ‘form’ or ‘effects’; the healing and happiness are found in the ’cause’ YOUR MIND. INJOY! 🥰

Today in yoga, my instructor read this poem that pretty much sums up our happiness or unhappiness. Get in the game of YOUR life.

Good Bones

Life is short, though I keep this from my children.
Life is short, and I’ve shortened mine
in a thousand delicious, ill-advised ways,
a thousand deliciously ill-advised ways
I’ll keep from my children. The world is at least
fifty percent terrible, and that’s a conservative
estimate, though I keep this from my children.
For every bird, there is a stone thrown at a bird.
For every loved child, a child broken, bagged,
sunk in a lake. Life is short and the world
is at least half terrible, and for every kind
stranger, there is one who would break you,
though I keep this from my children. I am trying
to sell them the world. Any decent realtor,
walking you through a real shithole, chirps on
about good bones: This place could be beautiful,
right? You could make this place beautiful.

Maggie smith

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.