Waking Up, the best part of life!


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Waking up ready, what else is there? Instead of comparing yourself to some unfortunate situation, just be grateful for all things that are good in your life. We can always compare our current conditions, and say, “well it could have been this, that or the other,” sure it could have been. Life is a lot of things, and that comparison is convoluted gratitude, the gratitude of putting a spin on things, so you feel better about your current state of being. Nance Ellis says, “Unconditional Gratitude is the natural result of opening your heart and allowing the presence of “what is.” From the humble state of allowance”.
Each one of us deserves to be ready for GREAT things to appear in our lives. Practice waking up to the simple words of, ‘Thank you,’ nothing more and see how your day goes. You deserve that abundance in your life; you just have to tap into that energy of being willing, ready and able to receive that blast of divine gratitude that is always present in you, around you.
Today and every day may I drop my stories of good and bad long enough to see the divine harmony and beauty of what is. ❤
The practice of gratitude, co-creation, and acceptance moves you into living a life you whole-heartedly embrace. ~Archangel Gabriel

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.