Wasted Time…

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Wasted Time…

When you look back at your life, do you ruminate over the time you think you wasted or the energy you spent worrying about those who did not get you, or what you said or did not say or do?

I believe something else unforeseen happens for us even though it might feel otherwise contrary when we start that internal interrogation.

The wasted time is the opportunity to learn, grow and gain wisdom. The alone time is what that in-between state of lost time is, an opportunity to expand.

In life for all the things, people or places that we see as negative there is always a positive presence on the horizon waiting to show us who we are, waiting for the ‘AHA,’ now I get
it, or ‘WOW’ I did not know it would be so much better.

It appears we are all seeking something, feeling the need to be busy, accomplish this, that and the other; we are on the hunt for more money, love, happiness, healing, etc.

Without that ‘wasted time’ the ‘downtime’ how would we ever know ourselves at its deepest? That wasted time is the connection, the conduit to the vast mystery of energy that keeps things flowing.

The next time you are experiencing ‘wasted time,’ Chill out into that space and know that nothing is ever wasted except worrying about what you think you have lost. Lean into the void and know things are about to shift.

Today, I am at peace with everything I feel. Nothing is ever wasted.

The time you enjoy wasting was not wasted. – John Lennon

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.