Body Chakra Care

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Body Chakra care
Loving ourselves is great, but we need to be aware of what it means to nurture and be present to ourselves. It is not just about saying; I love myself although that is a great and necessary start. What fuels us is our daily rituals of honoring, feeling grateful, setting intentions and knowing that these mantras are what creates the solid foundation that illuminates what we think and feel about ourselves.

I am sure most of you have heard or maybe even know about the energy systems within the body; These energies are called Chakras AKA the wheel of life. Most often, these energies might not be thought about because we don’t see them.

If you have ever felt off, or gotten sick, this is your body out of balance. Yes, viruses are out there, and they have a way of finding us when our system (body) is out of balance.

I will post a brief explanation of each Chakra for the next seven days so that you may gain some knowledge and maybe explore the Chakras on your own.

Let’s start from the ground up with the Root Chakra ‘Stability’;

Root Chakra – The root chakra is located at the base of our spine; the color associated with this Chakra is red. This chakra relates to our basic human instinct for survival, security, and stability.

Healing Exercises: Go barefoot as much as possible, stomp feet on the ground and feel the vibrations.

Healing Foods; apples, beets, spices, root veggies.

Healing sound; Lam, let it roll off your tongue.

Its Sanskrit name is Muladhara, is made up of Sanskrit words: Mula (root) and Adhara (support, base).

Affirmation: “I am a divine being of light, and I am peaceful, protected and secure.”

1st chakra poem:
Spread your toes
Ground yourself
You are your own
spirit guide
What you need is
within you
Pacha Mama

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When we are grounded everything lights up!

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