Winter Solstice-Tranquil Full Moon!

A time of healing; Tonite as the moon lights up the longest night; it is here to remind us that the night sky brings in a luminous light of its own.  Winter time brings in an inner-quietude that calls us inward, it’s time for a sacred breather.

As we prepare to cocoon ourselves to gather strength for the harvest to come, we step out into the fullness of the majestic moon energy, bathe in all it’s luminous gifts of this Cancerian moon as it shows us our reflection, and our manifestations of past. We are Beckoned to get quiet, and attentive as we feel within and meditate into the forthcoming year.

The chilly nakedness of the winter outside calls us, to go within the heart-mind to rest, restore, and rejuvenate, so when the spring dawns we can bring forward the internal harvest of wisdom we have gathered as we awaken within the heart of what matters.

Let us take shelter in the darkness, find that peaceful, restorative place within; light a candle, rest awhile and breathe in what has yet been revealed. It is the perfect time to be as expressive and open as you feel called to be with yourself. With rest, care, and self-evaluation can we wake-up reinvigorated, energetic and refreshed.

As I settle into the long night, my thoughts align with divine order.


“the darkness that covers me
brings out the gleam
of my shine
stars gently cling to me
brightening my night
I do not belong
more to one or the other
for grace cracks open
the December sky
with a thousand suns
rising over my waiting horizons.”
Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©Heartscalling


Dolby DHarma Self💝Love 

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