New Moon (Jan 5th, 5:29 PM PST) Solar Eclipse; Powerful

I love, love, love when the NEW MOON comes around each month, and it is even more powerful partnering with a partial solar eclipse starting the New Year.

Time to refine your vision.

The New Moon in Capricorn/Solar Eclipse is a dynamic combination for all of us; this means all the cosmic seeds that we intentionally plant today will be omnipotent game-changers. Guard your thoughts, actions, and persona carefully.  A solar eclipse is an omen of change that hangs around long after the eclipse.

Get out your sacred journals, and use this powerful time to write; Remember energy goes where energy flows, and we love that extra push in our direction of wishes, hopes, and dreams.  Spell it all out as if it has happened and you are living your dream.

Time to clear away that energetic debris that has been weighing you down. Release the energies that just aren’t working for you anymore. LET THAT SHIT GO!

It is essential to pen your desires to paper, the act of writing it out changes the chemistry in our body-mind stirring the energy perfectly. According to Jan Spiller astrologer and author of New Moon wishes, says that writing within the first eight hours after the New Moon is the most potent, but anytime is always a great time to push the energy in a direction you want.

Most of all be kind to yourself, energies are powerful buried treasures, lots can and will come up! Embrace, acknowledge and release.

New Moon AFfirmation; CHOICES “The choices I make are purposeful and spiritually inspired. My actions are designed to move my dreams from the ethers and into reality.”

“I am centered and alive. I am full and inspired. I am grateful and loved. I accept and embrace my truth.”

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